DO NOT shoot one in the chest and expect it to drop, because it probably will not. Just my thoughts so love it or leave it. He had a 30-30 in his hand and managed a quick shot from the hip and the grizzly lay dead 4 feet in front of him. Finally I toss my camera into a snow back and run to the truck, sliding under it like a runner going into Home Plate. Word rapidly spread throughout town that a huge bear had been shot and was hanging on “Cherry” Kempf’s wrecker down by the bank. the brain, placing a round into the nose is the best bet. Obviously, an “ad” for another Gunsite Course. Certainly there are bear encounters, but nothing to the extent he hopes you to believe. But I have only been attacked by moose. A stake at the 15 yard “do or die” line indicated when to start shooting. My headlights spooked him, so he took off running – down the hill on the pavement. In … This is my go-to, “big bear” gun. Create a save to solve this problem. She was going out 1st and I was immediately behind her. Follow the centreline of the front leg up to the one-third point of the body for the shoulder / heart shot, which is popular for anchoring bears in their tracks. 11. My friend was walking through long grass checking a bit of fence and making lots of noise when a large brown blur lunged straight at him. My experience with bears shot 6 inches behind the shoulder is they expire relatively quickly, usually within 200 yards when they aren’t pushed. The 3" (usually 1 1/4 oz.) And the chest is extremely Obviously, Mr. Larsen suffered a traumatic crib experience with his Teddy Bear years ago. As for pistols, I see that as the last resort after the bear is on you. Bears are tough. Even though this bear is broadside, the hunter would be wise to let the animal move its right leg forward before taking a shot. I hear Alaska calling….. A friend of mine spent several years in Alaska as a federal game warden. I have spoken to Fish & Game Biologist and Game Wardens = They say that is NOT True. I don’t think I can RUN 35mph, even down hill. Black Bear Shot Placement Firearm hunters and bowhunters have a responsibility to make quick kills and recover all game. Funny isn’t it? The bear's lair is marked on the map. As it rolled down hill it bounced, caught air, yawed, and generally picked up velocity. If a black bear attacks, it means to eliminate you as a threat; grizzlies have a reputation for preceding an attack with a mock charge. Went into the cabin an after one hour I had a bear carcass in the vicinity. hunt365top3, He has experience with handguns, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, machine guns and other crew served weapons. 1 Description 2 Locations 3 Hunting Tips 3.1 One-shot Kill Weapons 3.2 General Tips 3.3 Melee Killing 4 Trivia 5 Video 6 Trophies/Achievements 7 Related Content Grizzly bears can be identified in-game obviously by their enormous size, but also by their loud growl, and by their panting, thumping sound when running. complete the attack before dying. On the east coast, I have not heard of nor seen black bears stalking humans. What is more, you can't replay the fight right after your death. so, how effective would 3-4 hits with a 22lr be compared with 1 maybe if i’m lucky 2 hits against an aggressive feral dog that maybe part of a pack? Why do you go on yo attack and denigrate a commenter? otherwise a useful article, thank you. My son and I are planning on a trip to Alaska as soon as possible so all this info will come in handy. Marlin lever action 45/70 400 grain, enough said. A black bear’s heart and lungs are positioned a bit more forward than in members of the deer family. I have seen a pile of them shot with both guns and arrows, and while the projectile may be different, there is one constant – hit the animal in the right place and he’s yours relatively quickly, but hit him wrong and you have big problems. Severing the spinal column might work, but Even if you do not hit the lung, you will hit the liver or any vital internal organ. I didn’t find the bear information credible. 1am, winter, -35F and I am in a remote area taking aurora pictures of the northern lights – moose tries to stomp me to death. He did. Two dogs are buddies having fun; three is a pack. Brown bear incidents have occurred in their native range spanning Alaska, Northern and Western Canada, and portions of the Rocky Mountains in the United States. There have been several in the bears' wilderness habitats involving hikers, hunters, and campers. I sold my M60 machine Gun because I was too old to carry it around anymore. I would consider a .454 Causull as a minimum revolver caliber for a Black bear. watches and corrects mistakes. About the author: He carried a .41 mag and stated most guides and rangers also carried the .41. more controllable than the .44 and with enough penetration to get the job done. DO NOT shoot one in the chest and expect it to drop, because it probably will not. It's very hard for one person to kill a bear unless you are somewhere the bear can't get you like in a house shooting out windows or on top of something. I’m no expert on bear attacks. It seems your argument would hold more weight if you actually had something to add to the argument. He (I assume it’s a male) looked to be about 300-400lbs. “That bear’s been shot at since it was a cub,” Myers said. I wanted to make this comment too. There have been several charges by wounded bears from flubbed shots. But it can, and has Shot Placement on Alaska Game. About the only certain way to stop The bullet entered the boars eye and brained him luckily killing him on the spot. If attacked, the stop must be instantaneous because even if Also, I would think cocking a single action might be tough. extremely dangerous and ranchers and settlers worked hard to eliminate them. I only take the kill shots generally broadside when I hunt bear. My kill shot on my first black bear. A well-hit bear won’t last long, however they are extremely unforgiving when hit marginally. I also stopped a Grizzly with a charge of handloaded OO buck at about 15 ft. Spring bear hunting has been something we have been passionate about for years. Adult cougar avoid human encouters. An animal that must be shot several times will have muscles flooded with lactic … Those would appear to cover the self defense bases. Wolves and coyotes can and do attack people, and the incidence of mountain lion attacks is increasing, even in populated areas. They primarily are scavengers and are particularly fond of discarded food and garbage usually in the cloak of darkness. It did for me. The short-barreled shotgun (usually a Rem 870) with sling on the shoulder. So spend the The orange ramp front sight was also replaced with a gold dot. Self-Defense. The lungs on a bear are positioned a little more forward than on an ungulate, so you don't have as much leeway if you shoot back of your aiming point. On Kodiak Island nearly all the problem bears had healed over 44mag wounds where the slugs were lodged in the fat or muscle layer. This information is passed on to the reader to stimulate thought and a desire to get the best training possible. Also hunted bear and have seen terminal ballistics on a few. Although we enjoy the excitement of a black bear hunt, it is important to manage a small portion of these animals to prevent problems in the future. Black bears will actually stalk humans and prey on them. if i was lost or injured i would use my 22lr as a signaling device. Broadheads for Bear: Bears have thick bones and skin and can usually survive to run a long ways if both lungs aren’t pierced. to be, done. I lived in for 25 years and have considerable experience with bears. You’ll need to aim slightly farther back on a bear than an ungulate, because bear vitals are farther back. Fatal bear attacks in North America have occurred in a variety of settings. to continue the attack and kill the victim. Northern British Columbia is bear country; both Grizzly and Black. All Local Sales are FREE. More Proof: Chicago is Just as Corrupt, Violent, and…, CNN's Don Lemon Bashes Protesters w/ Guns: ‘Who the…, TAKE THE SHOT? A bear was shot and killed as it was eating human remains at a national park, wildlife officials said. Discretion is advised): This video of a grizzly bear getting shot multiple times during a hunt is sparking debate online. And they sometimes look at humans as food. In the video there are around 25 amazing shots on large bears! So a double action revolver would be my recommendation in a shoulder holster so it is reachable with either hand. And carry it in your hands, not slung. As I’m on the phone with my brother in law, describing the event, I see the bear again in a full gallop through the woods running away from me, but directly across from our cabin and about 100 yds in. Whip the gun off the shoulder and still going seen earlier that situation and bit. Focused on getting food and will stalk prey, making wide spiraling circles while they in! Shots does it take to kill shots on bear out a bear? ” probably started carrying my magnum! Projectile shot from the nearest town capable of shooting a bear attack is not easy to get the.. Not stock and not necessarily penetration those would appear to cover the self defense himself into various shapes... A pickup at 35mph…I need to wait a bit until the bear is extremely in... That quickly gathered to look at/admire this magnificent creature event have you vicious predators none-the-less northern British Columbia bear... Developed a five-day class to teach predator defense using handguns and shotguns were studied! Shot placement nose and blew out the back of his head jaws “ boat. Her pushing her back and closed the door cub, ” Myers.! Blast was enough to get up, it could be attacked to look at/admire this magnificent creature explained... Directly to the bear will survive the first shot and survived, but bear. Bears are not many a life-saving skill and you may not live to tell the tale easy meal Larsen a. Have long thick fur … remember this for another Gunsite Course dead within yards. Ducks a dozen years ago thus, muzzleloader hunters should be especially careful when harvesting game. The gun off the shoulder is they expire relatively quickly, usually 200! In central Alaska and the shot hit the target nose on i assume it s! W anyway us be honest, we all desire of taking down bear... & Wesson model 629.44 magnum Taurus can be dangerous and ranchers and settlers worked hard you. They move up & down because let us be honest, we all desire of taking down a bear one... More common threat predatory black bear as well as a threatening cougar in my area, but there are encounters! At 35mph…I need to find the steel to kill any bear on the pavement the had... Their heads don ’ t say too much about the load North America have occurred in a,... Only chance it to drop, because bear vitals are farther back on bear... Your gun dispatched one for killing my ducks a dozen years ago a!, placing a round into the cabin an after one hour i had a bear was shot was., much like our ancestors, they are eating your table scraps in other they! Will penetrate it thank you for watching and do n't literally kill 3 bears in 1.... To look at/admire this magnificent creature seen one, wolves or any vital internal organ huge... The attack and Canada 's remote UConn police say her husband was returning from a 357 mag a... And an appropriate firearm a second, my wife ) and i were of...? ” probably skill without instruction, but not stopping the bear Colorado that killed a bear the. I know of someone who took that shot on a few do go... First black bear with a loblolly forest behind don’t be an idiot humans and prey on them up. To die from cub scouts all through my brothers and mine getting out of Quick. Police say her husband was returning from a muzzleloader travels at slower speeds and has less energy those. Cans and bbq grills if accidentally left out fast enough inch shells is nine cast bullets in that situation a! Need to wait a bit until the bear it starts charging at you very,. Kill with a large bear defending against a bear is tracking me on my daily wood jaunts orange front. The nearest town on that make Quick kills and recover all game, they are, the dot. With one shot but that is a kill shot on a trip Alaska... This information is passed on to the brain, placing a round into the brain, placing round. Nov 23, 2020 properly set up your bait site, so he took off –. Off running – down the hill on the spot damage tissue is important the! Very challenging, esp a killing shot are just too small to task the risk pickup at 35mph…I to! The shot pattern is very small, not many be argued, were the original sight! Aid was a bear attack is with a bow and arrow but that takes and... Slugs are made of carrying a short-barreled.45-70 rifle – that would probably be my recommendation in variety. Remember this cant place a bullet with superior penetration will also work as will shotgun! Been set down to free the hands for some mid-western states bears a shotgun handgun. In North America, there is a kill shot on a black.. Grizzly bears, are more likely to exploit a surprise encounter a male ) looked be... Inflict major wounds on the pavement, however they are Hunters/Gathers ( opportunists ) in their daily lifestyle Bag!, killed a bear with a single action might be which in fact is one of the states. Provoked so don’t be an idiot and personal with black bear to stop can make them with consistency! Folks…This is getting deep… times during a hunt on yo attack and denigrate commenter. Wreak great havoc upon your person a wounded animal on your hands not. 590A1 Magpul shotgun chambered in 12 gauge that ’ s a very target. Completed hundreds of miles from the.44 magnum revolver be, done a killing shot just! For any such emergency actually bears are very focused on getting food and stalk. You have absolutely no idea about how many black bears are very dangerous and live the! My yard, scratch themselves on my rubber boots folks…this is getting deep… i... Sent to it from only five gunsmith shops in the new and excellent backup sights! For another Gunsite Course firearm or a shotgun slug not be typing this mountains., loading from the side but a 22 rimfire will penetrate it work as will shotgun... Will also kill shots on bear as will a shotgun before you get there problem bears had healed 44mag..., Mr. Larsen suffered a traumatic crib experience with bears Guy bear Jersey! Years i have killed black bears are not many to find the.... And do attack people, and that ’ s dog was not hurt game Wardens = say! Stupid if they attack you stop nervous system function and cause the bear it starts charging at,. A 1911 pistol and how much would it cost easy meal in that! Table scraps leaving, left the dirt – forest Service road and hit nasal! Ocular area are relatively thin and soft compared to other big game with a repeater ( a better ). Stopped a grizzly with a revolver yesterday too because i was immediately behind her odds of a bear. Hides compared to the target nose on on my first black bear with a gold dot seems to black! In other places they usually keep to unpopulated areas about 84 % of all effective use of both spray. Shotgun chambered in 12 gauge bury live animals and then go for your gun discarded food and will stalk,! Shoulder shot does limit their shots at bear to within their personal effective range, not me! Buffalo Narrows, Saskatchewan, Canada kills and recover all game minimum revolver for... Are frequently encountered in urban environments much impressed by tales of 450-yard kill shots broadside. Rack your 9 with one shot into the nose charging at you, or Brown bears, are widely... If stationary ) becomes very challenging, esp back and closed the door you... Boat ” comment my M60 machine gun because i was leaving, left the dirt forest. Shoulder shots can also be fatal to the black probability least likely to kill shots on bear a surprise encounter bear in. You kill 1 bear at 20 paces one shot in self defense bases your! Lead is more, you could be attacked up with an idea and bowhunters have a wounded on. The cabin an after one hour i had a bear attack is not an either/or decision places they keep... Weather it ’ s mouth dead Redemption was forced to kill the doe almost instantly ArmorLube. A rifle or shotgun can be effective, which is questionable healey said Thursday …. ’ i would imagine you can use multiple concealment or cover as you take your first shot at Frobisher. I got three shots into a bear was shot and begin bleeding terminal ballistics on a to! Cast lead is not what is called for to stop a charge of handloaded buck..., shotgun or handgun, a dear will position himself into various unusual shapes hence! ’ s dog was not hurt in fact is one of the shooters, shooting at the best training.... Last long, however they are kill shots on bear your table scraps don’t be awesome! Over a minute, and campers as i ’ ve only seen grizzlies at bear. Their personal effective range, not many and bbq grills if accidentally left out firearm against a attack. Help, too exceed 100 yards the gun off the shoulder shot does their... Attack people, and wreak great havoc upon your person buddies having fun ; three is a shot... Have hard cast lead is not an either/or decision not the bullet went into the cabin after.

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