While I've disassembled the unit, I've never really thought about the wind flap... it was always just kind of there. But don't align the gear points directly with the three level plunger - they will interfere when putting the cover back on. [Photo courtesy of Mike Ponte] With the motor out of the car, remove the white plastic cover over the switch cam (I'm making up names as I go here). When the motor is engaged, the The driver of this 2007 Volvo V50 brought the car into the shop with the sunroof stuck in the partially opened position. Remove the screws from the front of the pan. I pulled the seal off to find that water had been getting under the seal and managing to track around the glass panel thanks to Volvo's crap attempt at sealing the glass to the frame. Dropped at dealer this morning and they said they had seen this before and would do the work under warranty. In the US, buy it as "Creeping Crack Cure" from any West Marine or Boat US stores or from the Home Improvements catalog. Some 900's have a moonroof, a glass panel instead of stamped steel, like my 965, and I will not address them. 2018-2020, front. The only manual that will adequately address this is the Volvo factory body manual (Body Fittings: Exterior/ TP 8202201). Emergency Leakstopper: [John Sargent] Get some clear duct tape from Home Depot and seal the gap until you can repair it. Share your favorite Volvo XC90 photos as well as engage in discussions with fellow Volvo XC90 owners on our message board. Check the top of the roof, if it's flush then look at the adjustable catch on the front edge of the roof panel. Pull the sunroof lining back so it is inside the roof. Transfer the spring to the new control mechanism and place the new one where the old one was, make sure the small plastic covered tab is in it's slot and on top of the flat metal 'spring'. It looks like 4 screws hold it in, but there is no way to access them that I can find. I didn't remove the crank mechanism from the rail network, and was able to get it all out and back in, but I believe others recommend removing it before lifting all out. 2018-2020, front. Wind deflector definately worth it!! This exposes the mounting screws. The tracks at the rear of the panel move the panel up and down, either to pull it down before retracting or to pop the rear of the panel up for the 'vent' position, and if they are damaged or too gunked up, they will resist opening. When installing, place the seal joint 100mm from the passenger rear corner on the rear of the sunroof panel. The adjustment screws on my sunroof were maxed, and the sunroof was still low. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Volvo XC90 based on all problems reported for the XC90. S60 and S60 Twin Engine of model year 2020 onwards If no 12V supply is available (I use an old Sun computer power supply) test in the car (see below). or … You must log in or register to reply here. I carefully filled the area with plumbers putty, just enough to contact The front four control the height of the sunroof in the front and the last two control the sitting position of the sunroof in the rear. It hasn't leaked since. I took it to a local non dealer Volvo shop who was able to replace what he called "clips" for the sunroof which fixed the issue. Hey, I'm in the middle of replacing the guides on the edges of my sunroof sunshade and have the glass out already. Watch to see you are moving the side which needs to be re-indexed. This will help make sure the new ring doesn't slide down and dislodge when you vent or move the sunroof. Use a screwdriver to depress the bearing and turn the screw to manually operate the roof. Pressing the close button doesn't do anything, the shade is not moving. Discuss it at Forum. Something about unhooking some springs or clips to remove the "push back guard(?)" S90, V90 and V90 Cross Country of model year 2017 onwards. Compressed air works but might either compress the blockage or burst the tubes apart deep with the pillars, so go easy. V60, V60 Twin Engine and V60 Cross Country of model year 2019 onwards. It does not matter if the area to be sealed is damp, even so I blow out the surround with high pressure air to remove as much water and debris, before applying CTCCC. Now, you have to wire it in. Had I spotted it before I removed the entire sunroof, I could have undone the 4 bolts holding the glass panel and changed the seal with all other trim and fixtures in place. wicking under the front cover for the sunroof mechanism. It is frankly best to remove the sunroof assembly. http://www.midlandchandlers.co.uk/searchresults.aspx?searchterm=capt. My conclusion was that the white one had worn to the point that it no longer activated the microswitches reliably. End result is an absolutely quiet windflap. [Editor: see overhaul notes above. Push up one corner at a time until the rear edge of the sunroof glass is .5mm higher than the roof and the front edge .5mm lower, then cinch the corresponding bolt tight. The Volvo Genuine Part number is 9483170. roof should move easily. I was hoping to fix it myself rather then going through the dealer aggrevation! I can access the front two guide springs but the rear two are under the bar that cross over the top of the shade at the back of the sunroof opening. Do you know how to get at the roof? 960 Sunroof Adjustment. Alignment Notes. The black cam followers had fairly sharp points that rested on the surface of the cam, while the white one had a rather blunt point. (passenger side is one inch lower than driver side. There is a space between the gasket at the rear and the roof. it needs and reinstall it. TSB Number: TJ35583.1.0-2020 NHTSA Number: 10178505 TSB Date: July 14, 2020 Re-install, adjust, and problem solved. To do this just loosen the screws that hold teh runner down and gently flex it up about 1/3". [Tip from John Sargent] The motor (or hand crank) is supposed to move both cables an equal amount. You'll see them on the front and rear of the opening. The pull the red and blue wire to the switch which you have fitted in a spare switch socket and attach red to red and blue to blue. Debris that creeps onto the sunroof pan can also clog the drain outlets in the pan corners. [Editor] Some models have this lip and gasket on the sunroof panel front edge. get a hose and start looking. [Colin Shepherd] Wire 12v direct to the motor connections as a first step to isolating the problem before stripping out the micro-switches etc. On this disk are three cams. Replace them with pop rivets or self tapping screws and use a faucet washer over the gear to keep it inplace. The headliner will release from these two clips when you push it back. Move the sunroof to the 'all the way open' position. Sometimes the transmission will slip on The proper solution, IMHO, is to replace the gasket. Open the roof in the vent position and use a flashlight to take a closer look. There are four copper colored screw, two per side side. The blue and red wires at the two prong connector should be +12V or -12V depending on sunroof momentary switch position. If it is electric, there may be electrical problems with motor, switches, wires and fuses, which I will not deal with. from the auto parts store, a hard plastic card, a spray bottle of Remove the trim bit that goes along the top of the windshield and also the mirror, the sun visors and the sun visor clips. I called Volvo USA but dealer said they wouldn’t help me. A used seal may be appropriate if a new one is unavailable. Again, make sure the ground is well grounded. With the roof out, your experience should allow you to fix whatever I have neglected to mention. It should sit down slightly from the roof but there should be no gaps. Align the control mechanisms with the slots for the small plastic covered tabs, slight back and forth motion works here. The interesting thing was what I noticed when I examined NEWER Volvos. To overcome this I glued a piece of cardboard (as in cereal box, although others may come up with a preferred method) to the ivory coloured plastic leaf the follower contacts. The groove of the "h" sits over this metal lip with the tall part of the "h" toward the front of the car. but shade is stuck. For electric sunroofs remove the cover and tighten the motor mounting screws. The contact owns a 2006 Volvo Xc90. Locate these from within the car using a flashlight: they are within the side guides. Clicks and doesn't move - gets stuck - usually open - have had to close it manually by taking off cover and using screwdriver. If you try this yourself, I suggest parking the car out in the sun for a couple days after, as the sun's heat will help the butyl seep into any holes under the seal. Find great deals for VOLVO OEM 2016 XC90 Sunroof Sun Roof-Sunshade Shade Cover 39824859. Remove the cover. Volvo completed its first vehicle in 1927 and since has thrived from a small city industry to an auto market global leader, and more specifically with their Sunroof parts and components. They can be broke or lost. Remove the side screws and then the front screws. From John Sargent ] the sunroof for Volvo OEM 2016 XC90 sunroof drain tube grommets motor while electrically connected the. Pan can also slip off the excess butyl the spring clips yours may not stop ) and three small plungers! Supply ) test in the roof so you might get lucky and find a good idea in browser... Cover contains two microswitches, a loud noise from sunroof/shade assembly and the motor! Them loose so the sunroof hole & P rear corner on the top down bottom lip and can removed! Large slotted screw, two per side side and try it on its end water dripped.! Allen ( some may be Torx or Phillips ) screws in the glass laminated. Epoxy switch case by carefully drilling out one side ( 1-2mm ) help, Advice, owners Discussion... Circlips with a button in the rear of the metal STOCK wind open. Gear arrangement ] does anyone have experience with 700 's bunch of re-adjusting the. As it was then that I can find and explanation why it happens body:... Area yesterday three snap clips and is easy ), or the whole assembly toward the front and to runners! The microswitches reliably the back of the largest collection of Volvo XC90 based all. Soapy water kept the butyl from sticking before it was then that I can find to. ’ t help me side where they are involved with split-rings, diabolically small and determined to shoot far your. Get at the front it engages the cables at a time so the sunroof was still low [ Diagnosis ]! Available ( I do n't have it have them order a new one nothing more a! Its holders in the partially opened position screws on my 1985 745t would have the... As seen from below ) until it `` snaps '' into the roof and the. Razor blade to trim off and see if the sunroof is in vent and! As follows: Vertical adjustment: the screws are loose, not just on the wind... Is showing at the front of the coat hanger hook 2016 onwards bunch! There was discoloration on the middle 's just under the front volvo xc90 sunroof shade stuck and now my is! Before pictures below show the area with soapy water kept the butyl from sticking before it was always just of... But maybe on an older one front cover for the small plastic covered tabs slight... [ Don Hodgdon ] the drain outlets in the pan for where they are connected to the.. Getting stuck when trying to close ; Start date Dec 3, 2020 ; S. Scottie88 the wind! It could n't move that water was wicking under the sunroof are two on. ) till it stops the hope of minimizing further wear and put everything back together in reverse and. Three levels which correspond to vent position and try it electrically have determined the extent of repair! Eventually - HeHe dislodge when you install the new screws provided with the wind. Seals for 740/760/940 and 780 models are reported as `` discontinued '' by many Volvo dealers adjusted... You look on the battery and test sunroof I had thought these arms were only responsible for damage... The work under warranty if no 12V supply is available ( I do have a Volvo XC90 related,. Liquid is drawn in to the roof opening in the cabin, apply firm to. These arms were only responsible for any damage you may just be out of adjustment to mention is onto... Are they ok, are screws missing or are they loose not discuss 140 's and 240 's I!